Gt./Vo. ミサト
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Dr. 小松正宏

Ba. bisshi


Gt./Vo.ミサト、Dr.小松正宏(bloodthirsty butchers/FOE/CRYPT CITY/ALLERGY)、Ba.bisshi(ex-PAELLAS) による スリーピースバンド。

2005年ミサトが札幌で結成。3年後活動拠点を東京に移す。その後ドラマーの脱退を機に、同郷の繋がりで小松正宏がドラマーとして加入。約1年のLIVE活動を経て2011年1月、1stアルバム「IMU」、2013年12月、2ndアルバム「Syronicus」をsecreta tradesより発売。2016年には9月にzArZmeとのスプリット7インチをstiffslackより、11月に射守矢雄と平松学とのスプリット7インチを391toneより発売。2019年3月、3rdアルバム「LUNCH OF THE DEAD」発売。

Misato (Gt./Vo.), Masahiro Komatsu (Dr. bloodthirsty butchers/FOE/CRYPT CITY/ALLERGY), and bisshi (ex-PAELLAS) form this three-piece band.

Misato formed the band in Sapporo in 2005, and moved to Tokyo three years later. After the drummer left the band, Masahiro Komatsu joined the band as a drummer due to his hometown connection. After about a year of live performances, they released their first album "IMU" in January 2011 and their second album "Syronicus" in December 2013 from secreta trades. 2016 saw the release of a split 7" with zArZme from stiffslack in September, a split 7" with Yao Imori and In March 2019, his third album "LUNCH OF THE DEAD" was released.
In January 2020, the current lineup joined by bisshi on bass, and released the single "3" with three songs in April 2020 and the single "Skip" in April 2021.